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Monday, December 17, 2012

Elizabeth May

Regular reader will know I am a supporter of Elizabeth May and her constant fight for our democracy, this post from Owen over at Norther Reflections caught my eye and bears repeating.
“As 2012 draws to a close, Michael Harris reviews the state of all of Canada's federal parties -- except the Bloc Quebecois. He has some insightful comments about each. But I am particularly struck by what he writes about Elizabeth May and The Green Party:
For now, the Green Party is Elizabeth May. Despite all the institutional barricades erected in front of this prodigiously hard-working politician, she tears the pant leg off the government on everything from the environment to the Canada-as-resource-colony model promoted by our CEO-PM himself. She runs the most intellectually alive office on Parliament Hill. The place is staffed by people who walk through the door just to be around her and to help.

But 2013 will be frustrating because May’s message of unification, the only certain answer to Harpocracy, will fall on the ears of two relatively newly-elected leaders, both of whom think they will be able to get the job done alone. At some point, the Greens must elect more members, since not even Elizabeth May can run on empty. If this woman isn’t allowed to take part in the next TV debates, we should all watch the shopping channel.

May's task is difficult because the other leaders aren't buying co-operation as the answer to the Harper juggernaut. And, until she is joined by other members of her party, Mr. Mulcair -- and whoever leads the Liberals -- will continue to ignore her.

That situation is truly tragic.......
Sad but probably true Owen!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bluewater Teachers Walk Out Wednesday

More than one thousand teachers with the Bluewater public school board will walk out on Wednesday December 19th. The board has issued a news release Sunday morning -- and it states all elementary schools will be closed on Wednesday. Those include the J-K to Grade 12 schools on the Bruce Peninsula and in Walkerton.

I find it hard to believe that the majority of highly educated, well paid and dedicated teachers fully support this action but feel that they have little choice but to go along with the 'decree' by their union who have already threatened them with a daily fine of $500 simply for helping kids out of normal mandated working hours. Naturally non of them will speak out as 'peer pressure' (read union action) would in all probability make their life very difficult if not threaten their employment.

If am am wrong in that assessment then my respect for those that choose the teaching profession as a way to make a living will be substantially diminished, those that truly do it for the love of teaching and are appalled at the ever increasing confrontational conflict over simply trying to keep our educational system affordable to the average taxpayer have my sympathy.