A longtime rural resident, I use my 60 plus years of life learning to opinionate here and elsewhere on the “interweb” on everything from politics to environmental issues. A believer in reasonable discourse rather than unhelpful attacks I try to give positive input to the blogesphere, so feel free to comment upon rural issues or anything else posted here. But don’t be surprised if you comments get zapped if you are not polite in your replys.

Rural Links

Rural life & related information.

Birds of North America - Whatbird.com
If you don’t have a good bird identification book try this site (dialuppers have patience)

Ontario Wildflowers
A nice selection of pictures to identify wildflowers (dialuppers have patience)

The Rural Voice 
A magazine about rural Huron County and rural life in general.

LandOwner Resource Centre
A wonder source for landowners wanting more information on the care and upkeep of their forests and more.

Ontario Wildflowers - Home Page
One of the best privately created identification sites, includes trees, shrubs, grasses, and much more.

Take a wander in the woods of the Klondike Hills.

Bruce and Grey Counties.
Bruce County Maps
Part of the Official Bruce County web site, links to more information about our area.

Maps of Grey County
Part of the Official Grey County web site, links to more information about our area.

Rural Gardens of Grey and Bruce Counties
A guide to the many Rural Gardens open to visitors in Grey Bruce, a must visit for those touring the area.

Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory
Situated in a lighthouse on the cliffs above Georgian bay staff and volunteers track our local bird population.

Owen Sound Field Naturalists - Welcome!
Promoting awareness of out flora and fauna members strive to protect our natural heritage.

Wiarton, Ontario - Forecast - Environment Canada
The best site to go to for accurate local weather both current and future.