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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mercer for PM.

There are days when, as I get sidetracked writing a new piece for Democracy Under Fire , I fail to connect as usual with my good friend and brother in all but bloodlines. Despite all the writing I do I cannot compete with his way with words inherited I suspect from from his Newfoundland roots. Here is how he responded to my excuse that I had been busy blogging and so was late with my morning email.

To Me Bloggin' Brudder....
Blog I shall, till rooster crows
Frost to fingers so cold me toes
Spread the word so voter knows
Canada games, we have a-new..!
He said, she said but noted wrong
Words to paper, sometimes too strong
Wish they could all just get along
Rick Mercer , can do the job.
Rick for Prime Minister we must chant
  We've watched him in his glorious rant
But what party you may say...
Start another..no, Greens on its way.
Put Rick in Green with Suzuki too
This country soon returned to you
With dollars spent here at home
 Pensions, investments are left alone.

WallyGuy -Jan 2011