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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Ontario missing in action?

A provincial source, who was not authorized to speak publicly, told CBC the government of Ontario Premier Doug Ford does not think trilateral talks between the federal, provincial and Ottawa municipal governments are necessary since all three levels of government have kept in touch since the protests started.

A spokesperson for Ontario's solicitor general added in a statement that policing protests is a responsibility carried out by local police services.

"To be clear: police services, including the Ottawa Police Service, have full discretion and extensive existing legislative authority under the Criminal Code to respond to and manage demonstrations and take enforcement action, as appropriate, against any individuals committing crimes in their jurisdiction."

This may be true but they do not have the resources, either of manpower or financial to deal with this level of insurrection and must request assistance from the province, which appears to be severely lacking, who must in turn request assistance from the Feds. Much of the on line rhetoric is focused upon the Feds who in most instances (except perhaps at the border) could not just jump in even if they wanted to, personally I would love to see the army come in with their heavy equipment and drag these trucks out of the way (supported by their fellow troops) but we are not there yet.

If these AH's carry on much longer it may come to that yet for when the shelves go empty and the wage cheques disappear its going to get ugly. Some folks don't realize how integrated the North American economy is, that may not be how we want it but it is reality. These 'truckers' (the small proportion of those creating the problem who are not just anti government shit disturbers) dont seem to realize they are killing their own jobs, there are lots of guys only too pleased to take their jobs!

PS – Good for our friends across the water........

Police in Paris (France) said that "freedom convoy" protesters will be barred from entering the city starting on Friday, Reuters reports.

Protesters were warned that they could face two years in prison, a 4,500 euro fine and suspended driver's licenses for violating the order, according to Reuters.