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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Rural Life After Loss …...

In recent weeks our local news magazine The Owen Sound Hub has featured a series of articles about the difficulties faced by those whose income fails to meet the outgo needed to keep the 'wolf' from the door and food on the table. Over my more than 50 year working life my wife and I have been fortunate that whilst at times the outgo has been difficult to keep up with the income our frugal lifestyle and my hands on repair skills have permitted us to eventually own an idyllic property in Grey Bruce. Unfortunately my partner of 40 years was struck down with cancer 3 years ago leaving me to share our 30 acres of managed forest with only my working son during the limited hours he is not helping other folks in setting up their own retreat from the big city.

I thus then now spend my days trying to pass the time till its time to assemble something for supper for the two of us. Now make no mistake there is no shortage of 'stuff' to do be done to upkeep on the modest barn & house we built 20 years ago almost entirely with our own hands or keeping those woodland trails from becoming too overgrown. Where the problem comes from is when the ability and ambition to do those things does not match the volume of jobs to be done, lets just say that the previously reasonably tidy perennial flower gardens are now best describes as 'natural' plantings! Its hard to stay active and motivated when most of the time the only conversation and company comes from the woodpeckers and the squirrels!

This self assessment was brought about by the difficulty I have experienced in trying to find a 'companion' to share my idyllic (at least during the summer months, perhaps not so much during the winter) hideaway with someone who perhaps needs a little lift from their current situation. Having made several inquiry's of various social and support organizations in the last year or so with little success I begin to question both my own efforts and that of the groups contacted. In all but one instance the response to my offer of a semi permanent low cost home for a lady in need in return for a little companionship and some household help has met with either total silence or a 'not in our mandate' response. I was under the impression from the various articles features on The Hub that there was an increasing need for inexpensive accommodation for those whose financial situation has left them in need of help to simply put food on the table each week. Was I wrong?

Is the semi remote location and the need for transportation to go into town limiting the number of possible companions to near zero. Is it that the unfounded impression that we are a couple of helpless guys looking for a house cleaning slave or that any male that offers to help out a female is a sexual predator. Is it that my total avoidance of 'social media' is limiting my circle of 'friends' or simply that I have yet to find the right forum to offer our help and need, this then is perhaps my final effort in that regard before I crawl back into my corner and give up the search. Make no mistake at this point the 'companion' part is perhaps the most important bit and thus personal compatibility by both parties will be a key requirement of any successful relationship. 

DMR, Chatsworth, Ont