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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mothers Day Walk

After a mild frost first thing the Mrs and I took our annual 'Mothers day walk" around our woodland trails this Monday ( I know, I know, we were a day late.... that seems to sum up my life off late). Generally the Trilliums, Trout Lilly and wild Violets are all out about now and we were not disappointed in that regard, also lots of new growth of other forest flowers and even many self seeded Maples looking good. Also saw much work to be done back there, several standing dead trees and some already taking a rest on the forest floor calling for me to 'rescue' them for next winters firewood.
The ever increasing sunlight gives me a little more ambition but my knees are crying uncle even after a half hour walk, so carrying the chain saw back there and actually doing something may take a while to get to!!
Returning to our sitting area under the BBQ shelter we were pleased to see the Ruby Throated Humming bird at the feeder just put out yesterday in anticipation of him arriving. This week has seen the return of many of our summer visitors, a pair of Baltimore Orioles arrived along with a pair of Bluebirds (who generally do not stay here , preferring a more open area). The Rose Breasted Grosbeaks have taken over our window feeder giving our various woodpeckers a run for their money, however we were pleased to see a female Red Breasted Woodpecker getting her share of the sunflower seed which most of our birds seem to prefer. Also seen recently was the arrival of the Great Crested Flycatcher that we host every year and the Phoebe each with their distinctive calls.
The apple and pear trees are just now coming into blossom and with a couple of days in the upper twenty’s forecast we can only hope that summer has arrived and will stick around for a while, preferably without any of those destructive storms that seem to be an ever increasing realaity.