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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Whos going to fix the copier?

Leaders of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), representing 55,000 education workers in Ontario schools, ramped up the ongoing work-to-rule campaign on Tuesday morning. The union represents early childhood educators, educational assistants, custodians, clerical workers, librarians and other members of Ontario public and Catholic schools. Each category of workers was given an instruction list of approximately 30 to 35 items specific to their daily duties at school.
Some of the items that the union has told their member not to do include.......
Custodial and maintenance workers were advised not to sweep entrances and hallways or clean the offices of principals and vice-principals.
Clerical employees were told not to enter staff absences, complete month-end reports for the Ministry of Education, create or print newsletters or do school bank deposits.
Educational assistants will not complete any learner reports, make photocopies, will not do lunch duty, hall duty or yard duty.
Early childhood educators will not complete learner reports, make photocopies, attend training or do any paperwork.
Library workers will not clear photocopier jams or prepare materials for any classes.
Anyone employed in the information technology field will not clear photocopier jams, attend training or do any paperwork and all requests for work must be submitted in writing.
All instructors will not complete learner reports or submit lesson plans.
My only question is if this is a work to rule and these things are not in their job description, why not? No doubt that if such thing that are clearly part of their normal work routine were to be added to the proposed contract the union would be squealing for even more money. As with the Elementary Teachers I find it difficult to believe that the majority of the folks with a relatively secure and well paid job are so dissatisfied with their job and compensation to disrupt the normal school activities in this manner. Is the union dictating to its members, are they being consulted regularly? I dont know, I just know that those struggling for one reason or another to make ends meet, working part time or at minimum wage or desperately looking for ANY work are sick and tired of hearing this kind of crap from the unions, particularly 'public service' unions.

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